Homemade FroYo Anyone?

Photo by Peter Hershey on Unsplash

Frozen yogurt is an awesome treat to have during the summer that isn’t nearly as sugary as ice cream, and has a lot more health benefits. Yogurt has a ton of probiotics which is great for your digestive system, you can feel good about eating it! Although it seems like this frozen treat would be difficult to make at home, you actually only need a few simple ingredients that you probably already have at home as well as a food processor! Here is the best recipe for the base, and a bunch of flavors for you to try with it!



The base to every one of these frozen yogurt flavors is 1/4 cup of plain greek, full fat, or non-fat yogurt and 2 tablespoons of honey or agave nectar. Once you have that, process it until it is very smooth with the other flavors, transfer it to an airtight container and into the freezer for at least 6 hours.



If you have 2 cups of frozen strawberries and 1/2 teaspoon of lemon juice, you can make amazing and healthy strawberry froyo!


Chocolate Banana

If you are craving something chocolatey, mix 2 frozen bananas, 1/3 cup of cocoa powder, and 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract into your base and you have the best guilt-free way to enjoy some chocolate froyo.