Here’s How You Can Upcycle Old Stuffed Animals

Kids and adults love stuffed animals and it can be super easy to end up with a ton of them all around your house. If you find that your house is piled up with them and you aren’t enjoying them anymore, we have the perfect solution for you – upcycle them. With these DIY projects, you can turn your favorite cuddly toys into fun and functional items!


Whether you’ve always wanted a pouf or your kids are begging you for a bean bag chair, stuffed animals are the perfect solution. Instead of buying something to stuff these fun seating options, use old stuffed animals. Just buy the shell of either kind of seat and use all your old stuffed animals to make it plump. That way you can save money and still be comfortable.


There’s nothing more fun for a kid than having their own purse. You can make one out of their favorite stuffed animal! Just cut it open in a straight line and empty out the stuffing. Use a hot glue gun to glue on a piece of fabric as a strip, and insert one or two velcro adhesives so it can close easily. Give this as a gift to family members or to your own kids! What kid wouldn’t love this?