Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Dark Spots On The Skin

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Dark spots are just as unwanted as wrinkles are. Some ladies are really struggling with this problem, and are constantly trying to find the proper solution. There are many natural remedies and tips which can be helpful. Below, we bring you some of the easiest ways to try and treat your skin with.

Glycolic Acid

These days glycolic acid is a very popular product in skincare. And the reason behind it is that it helps so much with dark spots. It is the smallest AHA, available in several different forms. The glycolic acid helps with the removal of dead skin cells and promotes the growth of new ones.

Love this toner from #theordinary ! It’s not something my skin can handle everyday though because after using it daily for a while my skin becomes irritated. But, I do like to use this once or twice a week before bed after cleansing to wake up to glowier skin. And over time this, plus other AHA based products, have helped smooth things out. The first time I used this, it was pretty strong for my skin and tingled a lot even though I’m used to acids so definitely start slow if you’re new! I would try an acid product that has a lower concentration to get your skin accustomed and then slowly build your way up to this and acids with an even higher concentration. For the price, quantity, and results, this is v good!! . . @deciem #skincarereview #skincareblog #skincarelover #instaskincare

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Papaya Face Mask

This is officially the easiest and most efficient face mask you’ve ever seen. The only thing you need is a papaya and five minutes of your time. Smash the inside of the fruit until you get a paste, and start applying it to your face. Once it’s dry, you can remove it.


Lemon Juice

The most talked-about ingredient that can do magic with dark spots on the skin is lemon. The acid in the fruit removes and breaks down the melanin, making the skin brighter and fresh-looking.


Apple Cider Vinegar

Just like glycolic acid, this product removes dead skin cells. For a brighter and healthier skin, you simply need to include this vinegar in your beauty routine.