Here’s How to Wear a “No Makeup” Look in the Evening

A natural, “no makeup” makeup look is always in style. It’s a popular choice for daytime, whether you’re getting ready for work or just for a day out. But did you know that you can make it look amazing for the night, too? If you prefer neutral colors to bold ones, there’s no reason not to make this look a staple for yourself. Here’s how to do it.


Choose one with medium coverage so it looks light on your face. If needed, fix the problematic areas with a bit of concealer. A little bit of glow is perfect for the night, so stay away from matte foundations.


Even though you’ll use neutral colors for your eyes, they will still make a huge difference. You can go a shade darker than what you usually wear during the day for the best effect. Don’t forget a deep black mascara!


You probably have a favorite nude lipstick by now, so you can use that one. If you don’t have a go-to, pick one that’s on the peachy side – chances are it will look great on you.