Heidi Klum’s Most Amazing Halloween Costumes

Heidi Klum is the queen of Halloween! For the past 20 years she’s been hosting amazing Halloween parties and each year she gives us major inspiration with her unbelievable costumes. We’ve seen her dress up as a cadaver, Betty Boop, the Garden of Eden’s snake, Jessica Rabbit, and many others, and here are some of her best costumes.

2015: Jessica Rabbit

It’s hard to believe that this beautiful model is hiding underneath all these prosthetics, right? In 2015, Heidi needed 10 hours to transform into Jessica Rabbit and to do this, she had to wear a prosthetic face, chest, and bum.

2013: 95-Year-Old Heidi

One of Heidi’s most original ideas was showing up at her 2013 Halloween party dressed up as a 95-year-old version of herself and people had a hard time recognizing her. “No one recognized me, and I almost had to tell everyone to let me into my own party,” Heidi told the New York Post.

2008: Goddess Kali

In 2008, Heidi dressed up as the Hindu goddess, Kali which meant she wore a bright blue bodysuit with six additional arms. She looks pretty scary to us.

2018: Fiona From ‘Shrek’

In 2018, Heidi and her boyfriend and future husband Tom Kaulitz showed up at her party as Fiona and Shrek. Heidi spent 8 hours in the makeup chair and they needed a whole team of artists to help them transform into these green creatures.