Hamboards are the Smoothest Longboards Out There

If you’re into the skater lifestyle, then you’re in for a treat with Hamboards. Imagine a surfboard on wheels: that’s what these boards are for essentially. Some of them stretch out at even 40 inches, which is super awesome so you can shred more on the streets and dance to your heart’s content.

They even have smaller boards for people who just want to cruise around without doing any elaborate moves. Whichever skating style you’re into – or even if you’re completely new to this lifestyle, you’ll certainly have a blast with these fun boards.

Concrete Waves

Catch those concrete waves with your Hamboard whether you’re wearing sandals, or even when you’re barefoot – it’ll totally be worth it. Because the board is so versatile, you don’t need to worry about slipping or falling because you’ll be able to maintain your balance at a much wider stance.


Carve Like a Boss

Despite the length of the board being extremely long, you’ll still be able to carve like a pro. Simply grasp the board by the middle part and shift your weight to the side you wish to turn to. You’ll get the hang of it in no time.