Hair Plopping is the Latest TikTok Beauty Obsession

We’re already used to getting all the latest trends from TikTok, which is currently the most popular social network among young people and trends spread like crazy there. Whenever there’s something interesting, you can see it on hundreds of thousands of TikTok profiles. That’s exactly what happened with hair plopping.

Hair plopping is an insanely popular technique that helps turn frizzy hair into gorgeous curls. Feeling curious already? Of course, you do, as it sounds too good to be true! There are currently over 10 million videos showing the results of this technique. You will only need a cotton t-shirt or pillowcase and some patience, as you’ll need to wait for your wet hair to dry naturally.

Wrapping hair in a pillowcase or t-shirt suspends it and doesn’t allow it to rub onto things like your clothes and pillow while you sleep. This prevents frizziness so you can expect your hair’s texture to be beautifully enhanced. It’s important to properly cleanse and condition your hair beforehand for the best results.

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Have you tried hair plopping yet? Give it a few tries until you master it and we’re sure you’re going to love it!