Hair Maintenance Guide: Which Shade of Blonde Should You Go?

Want to go blonde but aren’t sure which shade to choose? Here’s a guide to your options based on how much maintenance each shade requires.

Ash Blonde

Ash blonde compliments skins with cool undertones. Going ash blonde creates depth and it’s a good choice if you have finer hair. To maintain the color, deep condition every couple of weeks.

Honey Blonde

A warmer honey blonde is a good choice for those with more olive skin tones. Maintaining a warm blonde requires less upkeep than a platinum shade.

Platinum Blonde

If you’re craving Daenerys Stormborn/Lady Gaga hair, you’ll want to opt for a platinum blonde with grey undertones. Use purple shampoo and toners to keep your hair looking more white and less brassy.

Bleach Blonde

Bleach blonde is a lower maintenance alternative to platinum. It doesn’t require toner and if your hair is pretty light to begin with, you can achieve the look with one trip to the salon. When your darker roots come through, it’s also a pretty cool look.

Blonde Ombre

If you want to go blonde but don’t want to have to visit the salon every six weeks, we recommend blonde ombre. Start the highlights close to the roots for a blonde look that does not require heavy maintenance.