Guide for Decorating Your Home in Scandinavian Style

Photo by Bench Accounting on Unsplash

These days, Scandinavian influence in interior design is huge. It all started a few years ago when we all got crazy about minimalism and the absence of color in our home, and since then the trends have changed a bit and some other styles became popular too. But seeing a warm, cozy, Scandinavian home always makes us happy, so here’s how to translate that atmosphere to your own home.

Hygge Concept

The word hygge represents the Danish concept of living. It means being warm and comfy above everything else, and you can achieve it if you add some pillows and throws, light some candles, and invite friends over for a cozy night in.


The best way to achieve the Scandinavian vibe is to avoid adding unnecessary things to your home. Furniture design is simple and colors are often limited to white, gray, and light wood. Wooden and leather furniture pieces are key, while the textiles make any place feel like home.


Although it’s not recommended to clutter your home with decoration and accessories, you still need to have some. You can’t go wrong with plants and wall decor!