3 Important Friendship Lessons to Take Away from “Sex Education”

The new season of Netflix’s hit series Sex Education is finally here, and it’s bringing all the awkwardness, pain, and joy of being a teenager along. Despite the show’s touchy subject, the new season is here to prove that friendship is the strongest bond you can form, and here’s a couple of important lessons that this show thought us.

Constant Support

We all need someone to open up to, and the support and the encouragement we crave sometimes come from the most unexpected places. Many of our favorite characters wouldn’t be able to come to terms with their trauma and embrace their true selves if it wasn’t for their friends cheering them on from the sidelines.


Holding Your Friends Accountable

Supporting your friends is extremely important, but it’s equally important to hold them accountable. We’ve seen several characters put their friendships at risk by saying it as it is this season, but their relationship eventually became stronger after they called each other out.


No Shared Interests

Shared interests don’t always have to be the thing that connects you with your friends, because some people just click. You don’t have to share a favorite book or movie with someone to build a meaningful connection, as long as you bond on a much deeper level.

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