Glamlite’s New Eyeshadow Palette is Straight Out of Art Class

Glamlite is one of the most offbeat cosmetics brand on the market, but their latest makeup collection surprisingly isn’t inspired by fast food. They just launched an art class-inspired makeup range, featuring an eyeshadow palette shaped like an actual paint palette.

This tongue in cheek product perfectly captures Glamlite’s playful spirit, but it’s anything but a joke. Despite its unusual shape, this palette is extremely versatile since it features a total of 18 colors, ranging from black and white to shimmering turquoise and sapphire.

Makeup masterminds at Glamlite created this palette with true artists in mind and tried to push the limits of creativity and innovation to create an experience that they’ve never done before.

This colorful palette is the most eye-catching product from their new “Paint” range, but it’s not the only one they have in store. The collection also features two lip glosses in coral and purple and lush 3D lashes. All of the products can be purchased separately or in a bundle for $115.