Getting That Special Snap of Your Dog

Photo by Marcus Benedix on Unsplash

For most dog owners, their canine companion is an important part of their lives and they’re eager to share great pictures of their dogs on social media.

But unlike human subjects, dogs don’t understand when you’re trying to take their picture, often with hilarious results. Here are some ideas to get the perfect pooch shot:

Use treats or toys

Hold a treat or your dog’s favorite toy in front them in such a way that it focuses their attention on the lens but doesn’t get the shot!

Exercise beforehand

If your dog is very boisterous, play with them before taking photos to run off that excess energy.

Use a high shutter speed

With a high shutter speed, there’s less chance of a blurred photo if the dog should suddenly move.

Good lighting

Try to use a lot of natural lighting in your shots.

Shoot now, edit later

Take several photos at once of your dog. You can then choose the best one later. If you have photo editing tools, you can polish up the final appearance of your picture before sharing it with your family and friends.