Fun things to do with your family in April

Photo by Leo Rivas on Unsplash

Spring is in the air, it’s time to pack those jackets and jeans back into the closet. They will be replaced by shorts and T-shirts, which means more time outside.

As we all know, the best fun is the type of fun that includes the whole family. Because of this, we’ve decided to spice this time of year up and suggest some neat things to do with your loved ones.

Celebrate Easter

Even if you’re not religious, Easter is more of a cultural phenomenon these days. Talk to your kids about history and different religions.

Teach the kids sports

If your kids are young, springtime is an excellent chance to get out and be physically active with the young ones.

Autism awareness month

April is that time of year, which gives you a great chance to talk to your kids about why is inclusion so important and how to treat those less fortunate.

Oh the joy bubbles bring 💙❤ I feel like I have learned a lot about my son, Lawson, a lot in the last few days. He started Preschool on Monday, having just turned 3 years old. He is non verbal and shows some signs of Autism. We've noticed in the past few days that certain activites or new places seem to be overwhelming for him. He does a bit of hand flapping and runs without realizing all the dangers. Some of this is normal 3 year old, some is a little more than that. I feel like saying he has #Autism is a little presumptuous at this moment and sometimes feel pushed into feeling like he is by schools and such(they dont mean anything by it tho). But during an appointment we had today my son ran for the door. His dad was right there and made sure he was safe, but I was talking with the receptionist. I started to explain that he has some "sensory" issues and so on. She replied to me saying her daughter didnt talk till she was almost 5 and also had some sensory issues when she was young but has since grown out of most of them. In this moment I felt understood. I felt like she undrstood. It felt good. it felt good to share just a piece of my story with her and felt even better when she revieled that she understood and why. It inspired me to share this post. To start talking about my son and sharing our journey as we see if he does have Autism or not. I hope that in sharing it might help another mom or open the door for communication maybe. I feel that the best thing I can do for my son right now is embrace the future and see what happens. I think it will help me to share that with others, and hopefully help someone else too. ❤💙

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Fun and educational trips

Kids love nothing more than traveling, so this awesome weather gives you a great chance to bask in the beauty of the outdoors with them.

Trip ke #singapore kali ini sengaja buat #educationaltrip 🕵️‍♂️🌿 . . 3 hari jalan-jalan berdua sama azzam alhamdulillah lancar tanpa kendala 🙏 . . Hari pertama dari airport azzam langsung ke #singaporezoo trus malemnya ketemu temen mama (tante laura yg kerja di SG) Hari ke 2 azzam ke #leekongchiannaturalhistorymuseum #sciencecenter #kidsstop trus ke #flowerdome janjian sama dokternya azzam. Hari ke 3 azzam berenang, main di playground hotel trus janjian sama sofia @nonajumi di ION. . . Walaupun usia azzam baru #3tahun dan belom sekolah formal, tapi dengan mengajak dia jalan2 ke kebun binatang, museum, science center diharapkan azzam punya pengalaman belajar yg menyenangkan 🌟🌈 . . Bagi anak-anak, ketika mereka dapat belajar dengan melihat langsung apalagi dapat menyentuhnya menjadi sebuah pengalaman yg tak terlupakan ❤️❤️❤️ . . Oyaaaa makasih yaa pa @aji_soeganda udah percaya sama mama buat pergi berduaan sama azzam 😘😘 #educationaltrip #educationaltripsingapore #educationtripinsingapore #azzam3tahun

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Adopt a pet

If you don’t have one yet, this time of year is excellent for playing outside with your new family member. It will bring joy to your household!