Fun Themes for Virtual Holiday Parties

The holidays are going to look a little bit different this year. The pandemic is still in full swing, but now that we are nine months into it, we know how to handle it. Virtual holiday parties for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and a variety of other holidays are going to be the new normal. They don’t have to be traditional holiday themes though, you can have fun with it. Here are some ideas to get you started. 

A Hawaiian Holiday

Getting dressed up is one of the most fun things to do during the holidays. A Hawaiian theme allows everyone to feel like they are on a mini-vacation. All of your virtual party goers can wear Hawaiian shirts, sip on Mai Tais, and create tropical backgrounds with palm fronds waving in the virtual sun. 

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

This is a theme that most holiday parties have. Thrift stores are still open in most parts of the world and they are the best place to find that sequined, woolen treasure. Everybody can don their ugliest holiday sweater and compete virtually to see who has the worst one. 

Dress Like Your Favorite Celebrity

The celebrity theme is one of the hardest ones, and it will take a lot of preparation for everyone who wants to participate. Everyone can be an impersonator for the night, some great choices are Elvis, Britney Spears, and Prince.