Fruit Print is The New Floral

Just when we thought nothing can move the magnificent floral print from the top of the trends, a new print sneaked in on us unexpectedly. Fruit print is the current big thing and it will make you forget all about florals in no time!

Given that it’s still summer, it makes sense that everyone is obsessed with delicious fruits, even on their clothes and fashion accessories. Whether you prefer cherries, lemons, strawberries, watermelons, or a mix of all your favorites, you will be able to get a piece that’s just as delicious as the fruits on it.

You can wear fruits on dresses, skirts, tops, bags, and even shoes!‌ It’s supposed to be fun and boost your mood, so don’t take it too seriously!

If you’ve been getting tired of floral and animal prints that have been around forever, it’s time to refresh your wardrobe with a few cute and sweet pieces that will turn all the heads on the street.

What do you think, do fruits have a place in the fashion world? Would you rather stick with something more traditional or would you give fruit prints a chance?