Frequent Flyer Miles Going to Waste? Here’s What to Do With Them

With the coronavirus halting our travel plans for the near future and airlines grounding planes, what can you do with your frequent flyer miles and hotel points? While it’s not a super pressing matter during these times, you can use your reward miles for things other than traveling. These rewards can be redeemed for statement cards, gift cards, and merchandise. Here are some ways you can use your points, besides traveling.

Donate to Charity

Did you know that you can donate your miles to charities and causes through frequent flier redemption sites? The charities you can donate to vary based on the airline—American Airlines lets you donate to Stand Up to Cancer and the American Red Cross while Delta has many charities you can choose from including Make-a-Wish or Habitat for Humanity.

Cash Out

Some programs allow you to redeem your points for cash, although it’s for a relatively small amount of money. With Chase Rewards, you can redeem your points for 1 cent each. For brand specific programs, travelers can convert points for gift cards or mechanise.

Entertain Yourself

Another option is to redeem points for subscriptions to newspapers and magazines. They don’t cost a lot of points and they’re usually significantly discounted from the usual fee.

Plan a Trip For 2021

Many traveler providers are allowing customers to book for travel in the future with risk-free cancellations. Before you book, make sure you have the option of canceling in case things don’t get better by the time you schedule your vacation.