Free Things To Do In Washington, D.C.

Photo by Srikanta H. U on Unsplash

You may not think that the U.S. capital is necessarily a cheap place to visit, and to some extent that is correct. However, there are still so many things to do and see in the city that won’t cost you a dime. If you plan your trip correctly and follow these guidelines, you can really save yourself some money while you travel throughout this beautiful city.


Washington, DC provides free admission to almost every museum in the city, so you know you can find one that fits you and your group. The Smithsonian museums are the most popular, with 18 scattered about the city. One of the most famous and well received by all ages is the National Air and Space Museum. Even if you don’t think you care about science, this museum will prove you wrong. There are so many relevant pop culture exhibits and hands-on experiences that are so fun.

The White House

You don’t have to wait outside the gates to get the White House experience! If you do this in advance, you can get a free tour of the White House if you go through your local congressman or international embassy. It’s actually a simple process and definitely an experience of a lifetime.