Coolest Hair Colors For Summer 2018

Photo by Finn Hackshaw on Unsplash

Once summer comes, you can start getting playful and experiment with pretty hair colors. This is the ideal season for rocking bold shades, that you otherwise wouldn’t. Check out the biggest hair color trends for the season and choose your favorite.

Rose Gold

The obsession with rose gold is real! Why not include this mesmerizing color in your hairstyle? Ladies are currently going crazy over rose gold hair. If you are already flaunting a bright blonde mane, you can easily turn to this magical shade.

Crimson Red

Red is always a good idea, and this season deep, sultry crimson shades are the most popular ones.

Hidden Rainbow

This trend is definitely meant for the bravest ones. You can literally opt for whichever hair colors that you like and hide them under your blonde or brown do. The more impactful, the better. Once you do this, you’ll only want to wear your hair up to show off the masterpiece.


The most perfect purple shade can now be actually a part of your summer do. Nothing beats a mesmerizing and daring hair color. If you are not much into eye-catching, bright tones, ultraviolet is the best choice for you.