Four Fung Shui Rules For a Better Night’s Sleep

The ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui teaches how we can balance ourselves and rest more effectively by purposefully arranging the room around us. Here are some of the most important tips for optimum Fung Shui in the bedroom.

Do Not Keep a Mirror Close to Your Bed

Mirrors can disrupt your sleep. Your mirror should not be placed somewhere where it reflects on you while you are in bed. The best place is behind a closet or somewhere you can reach for it only when you need it.

Place Your Bed as Far From the Door as Possible

Position your bed far away from the door and ideally, position it so it’s not aligned with the door. The theory is that positioning yourself where you can see the door at a distance gives you more time to prepare for surprises that may come.

Have a Good Wall Behind Your Bed

It is best to sleep with your headrest against a solid wall rather than beneath a window. It’s believed that sleeping beneath a window weakens your energy over time.

Keep Your Bed Away From Distractions

It may be a challenge, but sleeping with your television or laptop away from your bed can help improve your night’s sleep. Your bed should be a place you can truly relax, without distractions from electronic devices.