Awesome Nail Designs For the Perfct Wedding Day

On your special big day, everything has to be just perfect – and that includes your nails as well! Choosing the perfect nail design for your wedding can be very stressful, so we’ve rounded up a list of a few amazing nail ideas you can choose from.


In case you didn’t know, French tips and shiny glitter make a perfect combination if you can seem to choose between the two

Thin Tips

If you need something more unique than a French mani for your big day, these tiny detailing around the tips may be a perfect choice.

Marble Nails

Marble nails have been trending for a while now and you can choose whichever color you like.

Shine With Crystals

These crystal studs on your nails will match perfectly with your ring and if you want to shine like a diamond on your big day – this mani is the right choice.  

Gold Foil

Not looking for anything too extravagant but still want your nails to stand out on the day of your wedding? These cute gold foils on a neutral polish will give them that special vibe you’re looking for.