Floor Tile Phrases are the Latest Home Decor Trend

Have you come across the latest Instagram home decor trend—floor tile phrases? The tiles spell out charming messages in contrasting penny or hexagon tiles. The concept began in bars, restaurants, and coffee shops, before making their way into our entrance ways. These are some of our favorites we’ve seen so far.


This flooring is in the shower of a boutique hotel in Newport Beach, California. The design has a retro feel with the black and white tiles, which perfectly offset the bright colors in the rest of the cottage.


If you figured out that these tiles are from a laundry room you’d be correct. The layout has black, sage green, and white tiles and we’re sure this person’s laundry smells so fresh.


The Sweet Life

Blogger Clarita Yoder has this adorable message for her guests who enter her home from the side door, the family’s main entrance. She told Better Homes & Gardens that “This has been an unofficial family motto for some years, and I wanted a permanent reminder that we choose to see the good in each other and in life, and that this is a safe place for all who enter.”


No Diving

This tile floor phrase appears in the bathroom of a pool house in Wayzata, Minnesota and it fits in so well with the nautical decor of the room.


Stay Home

A phrase that couldn’t hold more true during the coronavirus, these removable hexagonal caps come in tons of colors and you can customize them with whichever phrases resonate with you. Once the pandemic is over, you can change up the saying or you can keep it, as we can all you some quality home time.