Fia Garcia is Taking YouTube by Storm With Her DIY Tutorials

If you’re a passionate DIY enthusiast, you’re probably always on the lookout for fun new YouTube channels dedicated to arts and crafts. Fia Garcia is one of the DIY masterminds taking YouTube by storm and her tutorials will help you take your skills to the next level.

With over 120,000 subscribers and counting, Fia Garcia has quite a following on this video-sharing platform, and her DIY tutorials are always worth waiting for. She’ll help you give your house a total makeover in a budget-friendly way because most items she uses are bought at thrift shops and affordable homeware stores such as Dollar Tree and Ikea.

Fia’s full name is Ana Sofia Garcia and she’s a registered nurse and military spouse living in the Washington area. She says that she loves all things DIY, home decor, organizing, decluttering, and deep cleaning, and she’s hoping her YouTube channel will motivate other people to fall in love with homemaking and decorate their own spaces.

As for the content she enjoys sharing, you’ll find everything from Ikea hacks to thrift store flips on her channel. She also shared tutorials showing you how to reuse items you no longer need, and create everything from lamps and mirrors to holiday decorations.