Fendi Introduced the First Fragranced Handbags

Forget spraying tons of your favorite perfume all over your body, you can now wear scented purses. Yes, you read that right. Fendi has introduced the world’s first fragranced handbags. They released this product just a few months after Diptyque came out with fragranced stickers, brooches, and bracelets.

The new Fendi line included three bright yellow and white baguettes in three sizes: Fendi’s standard, a men’s size, and a nano bag. The men’s size is just a bit larger than the standard and in the nano, you can fit your cell phone, but that’s all you really need anyway.

What makes these stand above the typical bag is that the leather is infused with a fragrance, FendiFrenesia, which was created by perfumer Francis Kurkdjian. Fendi describes the smell as “leathery and musky” and the scent will last up to four years.

The color on the bag is also intentional as it’s artwork by Swiss photographer Christelle Boulé. According to Fendi, the images on the bags “show the fragrance once it has been dropped on to a colored film paper, visually bringing the scent to life.”

If you want to get your very own scented Fendi bag, you’ll have to go to Fendi’s Miami Design store or you can get the nano baguette online at  fendi.com through December 20.