Everyone’s Adding Gua Sha to Their Beauty Regime


This ancient Chinese beauty practice is majorly trending on Instagram right now.

Celebrities are swearing by the power of Gua sha. Gua sha is a tool made from a crystal which you can use to smooth skin by increasing blood circulation to your face.

Beauty brand ‘with Simplicity’ explained the use of the rock alongside the announcement that they will now be selling them: “Traditionally used to reduce signs of aging, the gentle stroking action of this trusted tool increases blood circulation to refine, tone and smooth skin.”

The post continued: “Maintaining a cool temperature, it refreshes skin and helps to close pores for a more even appearance. As well as this, it can reduce sagging, blotches and bags and lines around the eyes, quickly revitalizing skin.”

You can buy Gua Sha for under $40 so it’s also very affordable. The daily ritual takes only one minute a day and has multiple benefits. It even claims to reduce wrinkles and boost collagen along with reducing puffy eyes and dark circles.

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#얼루어_뷰티팁 이게 무엇에 쓰는 물건인고? 해외에서 더 핫한 ‘괄사’. 이 도구로 꾸준히 얼굴 마사지하면 브이라인이 되는 건 시간 문제! 1 페이스 오일 혹은 유분이 많은 크림을 발라주세요 2 턱 끝, 턱 뼈 제일 튀어나온 곳에서 한마디 정도 안으로 들어가있는 곳, 귀구멍 바로 앞, 관자놀이를 지그시 눌러 지압 3 괄사의 넓은 면으로 턱과 광대쪽을 끌어올리며 마사지 4 눈썹 뼈 바로 밑 부분을 꾹꾹 지압 *괄사에 대한 자세한 정보는 얼루어 웹사이트에서 확인! #Allure_SYI – #마사지 #뷰티 #beauty #guasha #스킨케어

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Get glowing skin with Gua Sha.

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