Eurovision 2019 is Going to Be Amazing!

2018 Eurovision Song Contest Winner Netta Barzilai from Israel. Photo by Rolf Klatt/REX/Shutterstock (9668786kl)

The Eurovision Song Contest is a singing and songwriting competition that was started all the way back in 1956.

Although it seems like there should only be European countries in the contest, the competition actually includes a few more outside the borders of Europe, including the host for this year, Israel!

The singer Netta won last year with her catchy tune “toy”, so this year, the competition will take place in her home city, Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv is a nightlife and culture center, which is why it is such a perfect place to host Eurovision. The city is also right on the Mediterranian, so you can always go to the beach in between the contest and get your tan on.

Tel Aviv takes it’s parties seriously, and the city’s municipality is actually throwing a festival in honor of the competition and naming it Eurovision Village. This event will happen every day of the competition and will feature performances by past Eurovision competitors, famous Israeli artists, as well as fun activities that are appropriate for people of all ages!

Eurovision is about uniting over a fun competition and seeing what each country can bring to the table. So, are you hopping on a flight to Tel Aviv? Or just watching from your couch?