Embrace the Squiggly Home Décor Trend Through DIY

Squiggly décor. The latest design trend.
Image via lucaph/depositphotos

Squiggly home décor items are showing up everywhere right now, but the downside of their huge popularity is the high prices of certain items. If you want to welcome wavy décor into your life without spending too much, these DIY tutorials will get you there.

Twisted Candles

Twisted candles are super easy to make since all you need to do is soak them in hot water, let them rest for some time, and bend them into the desired shape once you’re ready.

Wavy Wall Art

You can embrace pretty much any home décor trend through your wall art, and wavy items are no different. In addition to teaching you how to make funky candles, this tutorial will show you how to use the macramé cord to make a boho wall hanging.

Curvy Mirrors

Curvy mirrors are all the rage right now and they come in many different shapes and forms. Some of the most popular curvy mirrors, including those sold by Gustaf Westman and Ultrafragola, require a lot of skill to recreate, so here’s one curvy mirror tutorial that is perfect for beginners.

Chunky Rings

After taking home décor world by storm, the squiggly trend is coming for our jewelry collection. You can use clay to make chunky rings and use this project as a jumping-off point for bigger ones, such as squiggly vases and lamps.