Doctor Has an Awesome Tip for Making Face Masks Fit Better

Photo by Julian Wan on Unsplash

Our reality right now includes wearing face masks pretty much everywhere we go. Breathing into a mask is not the most pleasant thing, especially when it gets hot and humid, but doctors agree that wearing one is effective in preventing the coronavirus spread. If you’ve been wearing regular surgical masks but they don’t fit your face quite right, Dr. Olivia Cui has a solution for you.

As the Center for Disease Control and Prevention states on its website, “Your cloth face covering may protect them. Their cloth face covering may protect you.” If we all wear masks we can drastically reduce the chance of catching the virus.

Some people, however, find that masks don’t fit them right and are worried that they’re wearing them for nothing. If you want to reduce the gap a mask makes on the sides of your face, dr. Cui has a simple solution for you. You simply need to tie a knot on each side as close to the body of the mask and it will instantly become fitted! Check out how exactly do to it in the video below.

In addition to wearing a face mask at all times, don’t forget to wash your hands often and practice social distancing. Stay healthy!