Dmitry Reutov Will Inspire You to Add a Splash of Color to Your Home

Architecture and interior designer, Dmitry Reutov, is not one to shy away from color. One could argue that color, in fact, is the driving force behind his work.

One of his most celebrated projects, which also helped sky-rocket his career was a tropical interior for an apartment in New York, featuring different hues of colors – a design that was inspired by the traditional architectural elements of Mexico with its use of bright colors. The 55-square-metre space was designed for a young couple that commissioned the architect to create a vivid and moody space. 

“The two main elements that inspire me the most are nature and ancient architecture,” said Reutov, in an interview with Nueve 36am, “they are both magical. For example, a cactus is a type of cosmic and futuristic plant. In Russia, they do not grow unlike other countries where they actually do. In addition, I am fascinated by museums, Mexico’s and Morocco’s traditional architecture, their bright colors, bamboo forests, plus Lanzarote in the Canary Islands, and its cosmic landscapes.”

“For me, color is one of the most important, basic and inspiring interior design components,” says the architecture. “Color is able to change any room and make it what you want and dream about. Thanks to my experience, my perception of color has changed throughout time and I’ve started to incorporate more and more bright colors instead of going for standard shades.

Adhering to the notion that design should evoke emotions, his projects are al about positive vibes. And ith most of us staying home these days, we could use a bit of color.