DIY Teeth Whitening Paste For The Brightest Smile

Photo by Isaiah McClean on Unsplash

White teeth are a feature that everyone dreams of. Each day we have foods and drinks that can easily alter the natural color of the teeth. Some of them include things such as coffee, tea, wine, citric fruits, which some people simply can’t live without. The process of bleaching can cost a whole fortune if you do it in the dental office. That’s why you can always try this DIY teeth-whitening paste, that is both efficient and simple to make.


This paste is so easy and it will only require two ingredients. The first one you probably already own at home. Coconut oil is proven to remove staining bacteria from the surfaces of teeth and helps in bringing back a whiter shade. The second one is mint leaves, which you can easily get at the supermarket.


Just simply mesh the peppermint leaves, and mix them with some coconut oil. Once you get a paste-consistency mixture, your DIY teeth whitening paste is ready. You can always use it with a toothbrush, and brush your teeth for 5-10 minutes, preferably in the morning. You won’t notice the results right away. Instead, try using it consistently for a while to get a brighter smile. Unlike baking soda and similar whitening products, this paste is completely safe.