Discover the Magical World of Lisa Lloyd’s Paper Art

Paper artists put a lot of patience, creativity, and hard work into each of their creations, and the final results are truly awe-inspiring. That’s also the best way to describe the work of Lisa Lloyd, the British paper artist, who uses nature as her driving force.

Lloyd started her creative journey as a graphic designer and animator and even ran an animation company before turning to paper art. She still draws inspiration from other creative industries, but mostly uses paper art to express herself, and makes her sculptures entirely from paper.

In an attempt to make her creations colorful and lifelike, Lloyd is always on the hunt for paper with interesting finishes and colors. Some of them look incredibly realistic, while others are more abstract, and Lloyd’s incredible attention to detail is what makes them so extraordinary.

She uses paper to express the beauty of nature, and that’s why her sculptures often take the form of flowers, animals, and objects we can encounter while exploring nature. While scrolling through Lloyd’s Instagram page, you’ll notice many of her creations are inspired by birds since they represent a true challenge for every paper artist.