Did You Know That Regular Soap Can Help You Get Amazing Eyebrows?

Perfect brows are one of the beauty trends that won’t go anywhere soon, so we totally understand if you want them to be flawless every single day. But what happens when you run out of your favorite brow product or forget to pack it for a trip? Turns out, you can achieve an amazing effect with plain old bar soap.


This tip is great for women with naturally full eyebrows, but if you need to fill yours in and don’t have any brow products with you, a matte brown eyeshadow will do the work. After that, take a bar soap and spray a little bit of water on it for easier handling. Take a brow brush and rub on the soap until the brush is soaked with it.

Use this brush to give shape to your brows. Follow the natural direction of hair growth and fill in both your brows, then press with fingers to prevent particular hairs from pointing out. You can see the whole process in the video below.