Did You Know Plants Can Get Sunburnt?

Photo by Huy Phan on Unsplash

Most houseplants require sunlight, but did you know there’s such thing as too much sunlight? Your plants can get sunburnt when they spend too much time in the sun and there are things you can do to prevent the leaves from getting too much sun exposure.

When houseplants are sunburnt, they’ll change color to yellow, white, or even brown. The leaves will lose their color if your plant gets too much water or not enough light, and if they’re getting too much sun, the leaves on the top of the plant will change color because that’s where the sun hits.

Once your plants are burnt, there isn’t much you can do, but cut off the damaged leaves and move the plant to a more shaded area. So, how can you prevent your houseplants from getting sunburnt? The best way to prevent your plants from getting too much sun is to know how much sun they need and to keep them away from bright light if they don’t need a lot of sun. Plants like cacti and succulents thrive in the sun or outdoors, but other ones that use low-light conditions are likely to get burnt.

If you want to move your houseplants outside, just do it gradually. For plants that have been in dark corners of your house, slowly move them to shady spots like your porch or patio, where they’ll get more light but not direct sun. After a few days, you can move them to the sunlight in the morning and then gradually increase the amount of sun your plant gets.