Cutest Easter Nail Art To Copy

There’s no better way to celebrate a huge holiday such as Easter than by rocking a fabulous manicure. These cute Easter nail art ideas are so pretty that you’ll have a hard time choosing.

Easter Bunnies

Bunnies are only thing you need to paint on your nails for Easter. Start with several different colors of nail polish, and a white one for the rabbit ears.

Fun Prints

It’s very much like painting prints on your Easter eggs. Get that creativity into action and do the colorful designs on the nails as well.

Easter Eggs

Those cute pastel eggs are ready to make their way to your manicure. All you need is a sharp object such as a toothpick, and you’ll be able to copy the design in only ten minutes.

Spakly Easter Art

Cute little shapes are trending right now. So make your Easter nail art fashionable by adding tiny drawings all over your glittery manicure.

It’s All About Carrots

This is not as complicated as it looks. With just a little bit of imagination and free time, you’ll be able to completely recreate it. The glitter in the Easter nail art really makes the final look so eye-catching and trendy.