Create Nail-Art Designs With These 3 Household Items

Times are difficult right now and with salons and beauty places closed, you have to get creative if you want to have your nails looking good. Doing your nails is also a great way to unwind and keep yourself busy. We’ve seen tons of nail-design hacks online, but most of them don’t actually work or they’re way too complicated. These three items, which can be found lying around your house, will help you get the nail-art look you’ve been hoping for.

Bobby Pins

We all have spare bobby pins in our drawers and you can use them for your nails. All you have to do is pull the prongs as far apart as possible and use it as a dotting tool. Dip one of the ends into your nail polish until it’s lightly coated and gently place polish on your nail dot by dot.

Hole Reinforcement Stickers

Those stickers you used to repair hole-punched paper when it ripped are a great nail-art tool. Put one sticker across each nail near the very top and paint the tops with two coats of whatever nail polish color you choose. Before the second coat dries, use tweezers to carefully pull off the stickers. These stickers also come in handy for creating french manicures!


Get creative with marbled designs by using toothpicks. All you have to do is paint a thick coat of a color of your choice on one side of the nail and a thick coat of another color of your choice on the other side. Drag the tip of the toothpick back and forth through the polish until it’s all mixed together. There are so many patterns you can try out, it just takes some trial and error to find a look you like.