5 Items to Get Rid of From Your Closet

No matter how many times we clean our closets and how big they are, we always seem to run out of space. With a quick clean up, you can finally get rid of those items you never wear or accessories that take up room, making space for the ones you actually gravitate towards. These are the five items you should toss out of your closet.

Excess Hangers

Hangers take up a lot of space in your closet, so don’t have more than you need. You can replace hangers with space-saving designs. When you buy something new, get rid of one item before hanging a new one.


Out-of-Season Items

Coats, boots, and other winter items take up a lot of space so when the warmer months come, store these things in the basement, a spare room, or under your bed.

Items You Haven’t Worn in a Year

Get rid of any items that aren’t your style or that you haven’t worn in over a year. These items are probably too big, too small, stained, or over-worn.



Stash your luggage under your bed or in the basement or attic as storing it in your closet takes up too much room. You can put your out-of-season items or linens in these suitcases for extra room.


Your Wedding Dress

Many of us like to hold onto our wedding dress for sentimental value or in hopes that our daughter will wear it, but it doesn’t belong in your closet as it takes up lots of space. Wrap the dress in a garment bag and place it away from light in a hall closet or under the bed.