Cow Print Nails Are the Celebrity-Approved Trend For Spring 2019

When celebrities start a trend you can expect to see it everywhere. This is one of those that go viral right away, so you can officially start browsing for chic ways to pull it off. The cow print nails are not everyone’s cup of tea, that’s why we offer options that satisfy many different tastes.

The Classic Cow Print

Black and white are the two basic colors you can do this print in. Kendall Jenner and Ariana Grande are the two celebrities who started this trend and this is the same manicure the stars got.

Negative Space

The good thing about bold prints is that you can always match them with transparent or monochrome areas. The negative space nail art is such a great fit with the pretty cow design.

The Brown Version

If you prefer brown, that is another option to go for. While everyone else is doing black and white, you can stand out with this gorgeous manicure.

Fresh It Up

If you don’t want to rock the cow print nails all over, you can do that on a nail or two. The other colors that work best with this design are blue, pink, yellow and more.