Couple is Using Embroidery to Commemorate Their Travel Adventures

Elin Petronella and Charles Henry love to travel and embroidery in equal measure and they came up with a creative way to combine their two biggest passions. This couple attracted tens of thousands of followers on Instagram by creating embroidery inspired by their travels.

Petronella and Henry both have over 100,000 followers on Instagram, and they’re even offering online embroidery courses through Charles and Elin Academy. Their website also offers many free resources for beginners who want to give this art form a try.

Petronella is a self-taught artist, who mostly focuses on the details of buildings and urban elements in their embroidery creations. Henry has a fine arts background and experience as a fashion photographer, and he’s more focused on the color of stitching. They both bring different qualities to the table and perfectly balance each other out.

The majority of the couple’s creations are inspired by the streets of Paris, where they met and fell in love. They also use their embroidery art to commemorate the memories they created in other cities during their travels across Europe.