Colorful Ombre Nail Art to Try in 2019

Each year there are new beauty trends we always try to keep up with. Since nails are just as important as hair and makeup, we bring you the latest craze. Ombre nail art is what you should be trying this 2019.

Stick to the Basics

If you are looking for an ombre design that is chic but still features your favorite shades of nude, this one might be the winner. It’s subtle, but very fashionable at the same time.

Holographic Ombre Nail Art

All the unique ladies will be so obsessed over this holographic mani. It’s so different from everything you’ve tried before. You can play with any shade that you like, just make sure to add that multi-dimensional shine.

Ombre On Fire

Obviously the boldest look on the list, this fiery mani is not for the weak-hearted. It is so perfect for the upcoming Valentine’s Day. Choose the color palette that you like and make it matte as well.


There is one color that is always so fun and pretty to look at when it comes to manicures. Pink is the ultimate girly hue that works even better when done with the ombre trend.