Cloud Nail Art is the Dreamy Trend For This Winter

2020 has only just started, and we’ve already seen lots of inspiring nail art ideas that we’d like to try this year. Cloud nails are definitely one of those trends that are a must-have this season, and it’s perfect for daydreamers who like soft colors such as pastel pink, lavender or baby blue.

There are many variations of cloud nails you can see on social media, but it seems like the combination of puffy clouds and soft blue nail polish is the most popular. Nevertheless, you can choose your favorite colors, add stars and other dreamy details to your liking. One thing is for sure – clouds are everywhere right now and nail artist Alicia Torello agrees with us.

“It seems like everyone’s wearing and posting soft, dreamy nail art,” Torello said in an interview with Refinery29. “My favorite interpretations pair light colors, like baby blue or sunset pink, with white ombré cloud shapes and playful star accents.”

Check out the photos below for more inspiration and make sure to book your nail artist as soon as possible.