Clean Eating For Beginners

Photo by Kimzy Nanney on Unsplash

The Clean Eating method is not a diet, but a healthy and happy lifestyle—an idea we would all be happy to embrace. At the core of this lifestyle is the idea that more than we should reduce calories, increase protein, or go by any method that says you should eat more or less of something, we should pay attention to where our food comes from.

To start living a “clean” lifestyle, you should first look at the ingredients of the food you buy. If you do not recognize the ingredients from a simple reading, it is usually best to avoid buying this type of food.

Eating clean is eating a diet rich in vegetables, fruit, fresh food, lentils, almonds, whole carbs, and low in white sugar. The food does not have to be “organic”, but it is good to know where it came from and what the products went through on the way to our plate.

The best “clean” food is fresh, seasonal, local food, grown in the area where we live. It is also important to encourage local agriculture and not be dependent on imports.

In return, you will gain better health, concentration, energy, and a general sense of control over our lives.