Chocolate Cake Hair is the Trendiest Hair Color

Spring is the ideal season for hair changes. If you are not much of a risk-taker, then we have the most beautiful hair dye for you. The chocolate cake hair trend is the coolest color you will be seeing everywhere in 2019. This is the richest brown hair look that features a whole range of tones.

The name is very much obvious! It comes from the delicious chocolate cake that features many layers done in different brown tones. The whole beauty of the trend is that your regular brown mane will be refreshed with rich highlights.

You can be the freshest, coolest brunette of 2019 thanks to this trend. Let’s start with the basics, so that you can decide if this shade is for you. Chocolate cake hair is a dark brown, but it is elevated with lighter balayage highlights, especially in the front. These face-framing highlights are the best thing about the method.

You will be so happy to hear that the color works for all hair lengths. It will be stunning on a short blunt bob, and a very long hairdo. Another thing to know is that’s is a low-maintenance dye. Check out these examples and feel free to start your spring transformation.