A Carabiner is Functional and Trendy!

Carabiners are those hooks that rock climbers use to stay attached to their rope when they climb. But, smaller carabiners are really functional and super cute to rock! If you need a way to hold all your items in a fashionable way, get yourself a carabiner.

Water Bottle

Whether you don’t have room in your bag or just want easy access, put your water bottle on a carabiner and stick it to your tote bag or backpack and you’re set!


Whether you’re someone who loses their keys all the time or you’re just done digging through your bag when you get home to find them, keep them on a carabiner and all your problems will be solved! You can keep the carabiner on your belt loop or on a loop inside your bag for easy access.

Hair Ties

It can be so frustrating to get to the gym or realize you’re having a bad hair day but cannot find a hair tie anywhere. Instead, keep a few extra hair ties on a carabiner and you’ll never have to worry about your hair again! Also, you can put a few bobby pins on the hair ties themselves so you have access to those as well if you need them.