Check out This Amazing Loft on Instagram for Interior Design Inspiration

Decorating your apartment might seem like a fun and exciting idea at first, but once you start doing it, you realize just how much work there is. Most problems start when you have some sort of limits that you need to respect.

Lofts, for example, come with their own set of rules and it’s not always easy to make the chic and comfy. Here’s one talented lady who did just that.

Jana Huhn, the woman behind the Instagram page @vonkopfbisfuss_, is a German blogger who recently moved into this loft with her significant other and decided to give it a proper makeover.

Her Instagram is filled with photos of the space, so if you’re interested to see more, browse and follow her there, along with over 100k other people. You will find a gorgeously decorated open space with several different sections, such as a reading nook. Huhn’s cat is often featured in the photos, which only makes them better.
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Flur – klassisch weiß ❤️

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