Spectrum Brings Out the Magic with Their Zodiac Makeup Collection

If you’re looking for a perfect Christmas present for your zodiac-obsessed friends, Spectrum got you covered. The beloved makeup brush brand unleashed their first makeup collection – and it’s astrology-themed!

This makeup line follows Spectrum’s recently released zodiac brush collection, and it’s equally magical. All of the products are already available on their official website, and most of them are priced at $18, apart from the eyeshadow palette.


Unlike all the zodiac-inspired collections we’ve seen in the past, this one breaks the mold by not sticking to the usual “12 zodiac signs = 12 shades” formula. The palette actually features nine different options, including three velvety mattes, three intense metallics and three highly reflective duo-chromes with such names as Solstice, Nebula and Galaxy.

Spectrum’s new range also features glitter-free cosmic drops in two shades, smudge-proof black mascara, and shimmering highlighter in two different shades, called Sunray and Moonlight. Like all of the products that this company shared with the world in the past, their zodiac makeup line is vegan and cruelty-free.