Caramel Latte is the Latest Hair Trend We’re Loving

Image via designbykaraline/Instagram

Every summer comes with new hair color trends. In 2018, many of us will be rocking the trendiest combo there is – caramel latte balayage.

Go-to Starbucks drink actually looks pretty great as a hair color. Famous LA hairstylist Jessica Warburton recreated the look on one of her clients and shared the photo on Instagram, writing: “It’s a Sunday and I’m takin my cool step kid to Knotts later. So in the meantime, here’s a lovely balayage with caramel and iced latte pops. Varying your developer and remembering how permanent color works can get you stunning results like this.”

“This client had a full balayage done,” Warburton told Allure. “She has a natural base level three (one being blackest black and ten palest yellow). On her ends, I used a higher developer so that we could achieve various levels of lift.”

These are good directions if you want to recreate the look yourself, with the help of your stylist! Here are some more photos of this gorgeous summer trend.