Cafe Sounds are Great Background Music For Productivity

For some freelancers, working at home can be demotivating. The lack of social environment and people around can sometimes be hard to cope with.

That’s where cafe sounds come in – they’re known to stimulate the brain and keep you motivated to continue working. The sounds simulate a cafe environment so you can play productive music in the background while typing away.


Check out Coffitivity – it’s a free website that plays different types of sounds from cafes, universities, and lounges. Depending on what vibe you want to feel while you’re at home – Coffitivity can provide that for you. If you want to hear the sound of cups clinking and people sipping coffee, then try the lunchtime lounge sound.

What Makes it Beneficial?

The continuous sounds in the background help your brain think in a creative way. If you find yourself constantly distracted by your surroundings – then these sounds will ground you and keep you focused so you can ace that work presentation or accomplish that school project.