C.Through: Home of Seoul’s Most Epic Latte Art Creations

Latte art grew in popularity in the last few years, and the days when you could only get a tulip or heart pattern in your cup are long gone. Instagramable cafés around the world are taking this art form to a whole new level, and C.Through in Seoul is leading the way.

Lee Gang-bin, who attracted 264,000 followers to his Instagram page with his mind-blowing creations, is the co-founder of this quirky café. He uses coffee as canvas and layers it with velvety sweet cream, to transform lattes into our favorite animated characters and Van Gogh’s paintings.

When he discussed his approach with CNN, Lee Gang-bin said that coffee is like a fairytale to him, because it helps me express exactly what he wants and bring his dreams to life. Unlike the majority of latte artists, who stick to black and white shades, he tried to create something original by breaking that color limit.

His experiment was certainly successful since you don’t get to see latte art that looks this amazing every day. If you’re hoping to try one of the custom drinks during your visit to Seoul, reservations are a must since each takes 15 minutes to one hour to make.

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