Brush or Sponge — Which Is Better for Applying Makeup?

Photo by Raphael Lovaski on Unsplash

Until recently, women exclusively used their fingers to apply makeup. Things have changed over the past years and now we have a variety of tools available for this task. First, we experimented with brushes, then beauty blenders, and today we feel the need to stop and ask which of these tools is actually the best choice.

While there are many types of brushes for different purposes, today we’re discussing the foundation brushes and comparing them to sponges, a.k.a. beauty blenders. Using fingers to apply foundation is not hygienic and doesn’t give good results, so we already ruled it out.


Brushes were the first major upgrade from using fingers to apply foundation. They come in different styles and quality which affects the result they provide. The downside is that they can leave brushstroke marks if you’re not careful.


Sponges or beauty blenders are many women’s favorite foundation tools. They allow for better blending and prevent marks. They should be used wet, which can be inconvenient sometimes, but the result on your face will be natural and even.