Bird Portraits Made Of Leaves and Flowers

We all have different methods for managing stress and coping with anxiety, whether it’s sport, watching movies, creating art, or something completely different. For artist Hannah Bullen-Ryner, one of the ways of finding inner peace is reconnecting with nature by creating mesmerizing bird portraits.

Bullen-Ryner is using only natural materials such as flowers, twigs, leaves, or berries to create incredibly realist bird portraits that last only for a short period of time. Once she completes her compositions, the artist only has enough time to take photos of her artwork before it gets rearranged by the rain or wind and disappears forever.

Bullen-Ryner discovered her passion for creating bird portrait a few years ago when she was struggling with anxiety and postnatal depression. Creating something this beautiful was “a way to honor Mother Earth and cope with my mental health almost daily ever since”.

“I get to download all the chaos from my brain, turn it into something beautiful, and walk away feeling so much lighter in my soul,” Hannah explained to Bored Panda.

Now there are people from all over the world who appreciate Hannah’s art, even though most of them are having troubling understanding of why she creates something so beautiful and then lets it vanish into thin air. But that it exactly what makes her art so unique.

Chech out Hannah’s creations in the photos below.