Big Earrings Are Trending Big Time

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

We have some great news for you. There’s no need to invest in excessive makeup or sophisticated clothing for the upcoming season, instead, all you need is a pair of long earrings with lots of presence and glam—and you’re set.

Earrings are an easy and quick (and relatively inexpensive) way to make any look sparkle in seconds.

All you need to apply this hot trend is to invest in 2-3 sets of large statement earrings of several different types, that will refresh any wardrobe. 

There is no need to buy expensive earrings from top designers, but it is recommended to buy good quality earrings from a reputable seller, as long as you use earrings and not clip-on’s.

Combine long, shiny earrings with a dark-colored turtleneck shirt and add a denim jacket for a meticulous look.

If you want to go for a lighter, more casual look, combine large, round wooden earrings with a light-colored oversized sweater in a cream or off-white and add brown suede boots.

For a stunning and romantic evening look, combine a long black maxi dress with red or pink plastic earrings, and black high heels.